My Home Amongst the Rices Terraces


In 2013, my Mother died suddenly and without warning. She died on the night of the 25th of November. Since then we all had to collectively grieve. All quite separately; I was in Australia, my younger sister in Jakarta, and my father all alone in Bali.

This series is a document of my family and my life in the wake of this. It is a mix of documentary, personal snapshots and street photography I took on a trip back home at the end of 2015. I shot over 30 rolls of Ilford black and white film during this period. I pushed the emulsion to it’s limits, shooting at 1600 or 3200 iso for every single roll. The resulting aesthetic reminds me of my father's charcoal drawings and almost symbolic of my Mother's cremation.

Most of these photos were taken at my parent’s house which is also an Art Gallery in Ubud. At the very back of the gallery is a gigantic sliding glass window with a big beautiful view of rice terraces. It is basically the social centre of the space. Guests would sit there overlooking the rice elds; drinking arak, playing music, and having deep conversations on art and life more genrally all the way into the night. Our lives revolved around this window much like my mother, as she was the central piece that held us together.