As part of transitioning away from Shopify as part of cost cutting and transitioning to square, Halide Supply required a website and server that was more modular to its needs. Partially it runs similar technologies as Halide Express with some other addtions, with an Nginx server on a dedeciated Ubuntu deployment.

Dashi | 2022

Dashi is a daily reporting dashboard to measure productivity for Halide Supply and Halide Express. It runs on a proxmox VM in an on premise deployment. It's only accessible to certain clients on premises and remotely to directors via reverse proxy tools like Zerotier and Tailscale.

It displays many relevant information with most noteworthy the daily intake, monthly averages, and particularly most useful is the upload rate.


Using the same methods to build emilraji.com for the purpose of a single landing page for the city location.


Creating a fun and cheap website as a personal portfolio. Hosting on Google Firebase makes it virtually free.

Noritsu CS-1 | 2020

During the long lockdowns of 2020 we found the capacity to purchase a CS1 scanner. A relatively rare older cousin to the Noritsu 1800 Scanner. We gave it the same treatment as the SP3000, and have been the sole film lab to have done so.

Fujifilm SP3000 | 2019

This was a project to try and combine the two SP3000 pcs. Given that most deployments of the SP3000 still runs outdated hardware (largely Pentium 3/4) and even older Operating Systems. Attempting to modernize it atleast from a hardware perspective we saw as worthwile. We managed to do it 1st try on consumer Ryzen hardware. QEMU/KVM playing as the key enabler technology. We believe we were first in the world to do so.

Raspberry Pi Barcode Scanner | 2018

We required a high availability and multipurpose tool to update a database on the state of orders. Instead of a webpage we opted to have these raspberry pis run all the time. Different modes are available via a small 9 key macro keyboard. For instance "Develop" notifies the database that a particular order has been processed, a backend process then sees that and promptly creates a dropbox folder for that corresponding order. Other similar workflows are used in production.

A City Sorrow Built - AI | 2015

Full length album, performed guitars, vocals, composition and also all mixing and mastering.